Amigos Latest Collection "Sugar Rush"

Amigos Sugar Rush Collection 

Amigos present our capsule collection with a selection of a range of daily essentials. Design around the theme Sugar Rush. Focusing on mixing different tones of pastel & monochromes colors, garment & comfortable fabrics bringing you the best-tasting sweets for your wardrobe.
The capsule drop combines Textures, shape & elements of retro sportswear with some modern technicality withing the pattern cut. The contrast is seen thought our range of hooded and zip-up collars sweaters, short-sleeve T-shirts & corduroy pants. Introducing a color palette inspired by the Cotton candy flavors & popular sweets. All garment is made to combine comfort, style and usability, all made in a mix of 100% heavy cotton blend and corduroy for the pants. With the main design element being the “font name” Amigos. Simple and minimalist, bringing the focus on the cut and the shape & the comfort of each garment. All cut and shape are individually pattern and design by us in order to create some pieces at our images.
Capturing a series of colors candy portraits and scenes under the soft lighting Shot and directed by @la_melancolia, featuring the looks models by @birta  @matiasndong_ & @pestanobarb and took places in our hometown of Barcelona.
Items from the drop will be available Thursday 30 on a special event in store from 19:00h to be continued in Curtis Audio Café at 21:30h to late night with music by DJ @virginie_aka_vir.
Available on 31 January directly In-store or Online.