Clarks Wallabee! The most stylish shoes!

History, Iconic co-signer, Inspiration and how to style it!

Clarks can be defined as a British footwear company that’s been in the market since the early 19th century. This small shoe company has made it a long way since 1825 and has made is way into many cultures and subcultures over the past 50 +years. It has been worn by almost everybody by anyone from any social background and culture. This probably makes them the most popular unfamous shoes of all time! But how did these shoes survived all theses decade and subcultural appropriation? Let's take a closer look and some historical facts and more.  

Brief history :


The story began in the UK during the 1800s, when Cyrus Clarks and his cousin decide to go into the leather business. Selling animal skin, tanning and wool stapling. In 1825, Cyrus decided to take the solo ride and opened his own shop selling sheepskin rugs. Not too long later, Cyrus decided to join forces with his younger brother, James. And started to take the sheepskin scraps from the rugs and then began to invert them into slippers, known as the "Brown Peters". It was an instant classic! The Popularity for the slippers came almost immediately, and in 1833 the two brothers entered into an equal partnership and started trading as C&J Clark.

 Fast-forward to today, Clarks still based in England in the small village where it all began of Somerset, where it’s all began. One of Clarks’ original factories in Somerset was converted into a shoe museum in 1950 and is still operating to this day, exhibiting over 1,500 pairs of shoes, as well as documenting the Clarks story and acting as an archive for the brand.

And even tho they sell over 50 million pairs of shoes yearly, the majority of the company is still owned by the Clark family. 




Clarks is a brand that steeped in history and heritage. Always mix traditional materials and aligning with modern construction and silhouettes. Has proven the popularity. Clarks is now aiming to reach a new audience with collabs! In addition to designing a timeless shoe, Clarks has been collaborating with the most popular brand for a new and innovative product, Clarks often collaborates with musicians, artists, and other brands to create special-edition releases of their heritage models. They joined forces with per example, MF DoomFutura 2000Woolrich, and Oi Polloi, Wu-Tang Clan, Ronnie Feig KITH, Supreme, Stussy just to name a few names! 

With many successful silhouettes, Clarks gained popularity and in the footwear industry and made its way into a popular culture all around the globe. Anyone from school kids, poachy peeps, soldier, movie stars, world-famous meth cooker to the grimmest rappers. Clarks have made their way into many many subcultures all around the globe! In some places, the event became a part of the cultural identity. As per example, in Jamaica, the brand is so popular that there even a book called Clarks In Jamaica that documents the phenomena


One of the most popular, probably the shop favorite! The Wallabee. The moccasin shoe, first introduced in 1967 and never stop growing in popularity since then. has gained a cult following within many subcultures, but particularly in hip-hop, with Ghostface Killah and Raekwon The Chef of the Wu-Tang Clan being staunch advocates for the model.






How to style them!


With many different colorways, material and come in two shapes low and high cut.

You can make them fit any style! But it can be hard to differentiate each style and how to make your flow untouchable in the street! So we’ve decided to create a small visual guide to help break down the differences in fit between each style and help you to fit them.


Low cut Wallabee with rolls over jean



Low cut Wallabee with Baggy camo pants



High Boot Wallabee with Dallas pants




Clarks – The Final Say

Clarks is a British shoemaker whose business has spanned three centuries and they are now bigger and stronger than ever. They’ve seen many iterations over that timespan, but today, their most iconic styles are part of their Originals line and use natural materials like beeswax coated leather and plantation crepe rubber soles.

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