Droors Athletics SEASON ONE Is Available Now

Droors Athletics clothing logo

The iconic 90’s label that inspired a whole generation to get rad is making a highly anticipated come back this year. After making a teaser at the Agenda 17 and an unexpected pop-ups shop at the Paris Fashion Week 2019 couples months ago.Created nostalgia being spotted in ‘mid 90 movies from Jonas Hill. The OG ‘90s skate brand if officially back in store. It’s time to remind the industry who’s the real OG of this skate shit really is!



History :

 The Southern California label was founded back in 1992 when Damon Way and Ken block first started the brand. Little did they know at the time, that would be the foundation of something much bigger...DC Shoes! DC originally stand for Droors Clothing. Did know? Now you know hehe!


The brand that began as a small skate-focus denim brand rapidly evolved and impacted a full generation of youth. They represented to the perfection the skateboard lifestyle culture that was mostly misunderstood at the time. Always staying ahead of the curve, and the predecessor of the « streetwear » before it was even called this way. Droors have always been a master at mixing the urban culture with fashion and art.


During their time in the ‘90s and early ‘00s, Droors made partnerships with heavy hitter rider and future pioneers like Matt Hensley, Kareem Campbell, Scott Johnson, Jeremy Way, Rob Dyrdek, Josh Kalis, Rick Mccrank, Danny Way and many more! As these skaters where best know for doing riding their skate in the street or in the pipe, they did not only rock the brand! They also appear in the commercial and campaigns. Their ads combine perfectly pop-art style in a provocative but stylish manner. We can remember some of the most iconic ones like the Ronnie Bertino smoking a pack of cigarette, Rob Dyrdek covered face with blue paint smoking a cig or the josh Swindeli « What a…. pussy » Just to name a few. They definitely always push the limits forward breaking down the barrier and setting trends. As much visually that on the boards.

 Droors clothing Ronnie Creager and Rob Gonzalez



New SEASON ONE Collection

The new relaunch by Droors is definitely inspired by the brand early years but rethought and adapted in today esthetic and trends. With the enormous come back of the skater ‘90s look! It only makes sense that they make a strong comeback


droors-John Shanahanz-Lookbook-season-one-01



The collection features the ‘90s detailing to perfection! Purposely oversized cuts, tracksuit, and jacket, baggy fit, big bold branding of the logo Droors, that you won’t miss from a mile away. Bright and flashy colors with fly designs, flashy reflective logos, panel featuring Droors, rubber patches. all kind of classic ‘90s touch! Correctly merging performance, athleticism, and functionality. Some key aspect of the design. Is the features of back-leg zippers, kangaroo pouch, and the good old bungee drawcords. They clearly thought about all! Just like back in the day!

Droors now pave the way to united multi-generations of skaters with the nostalgic who had Droors as a favorite growing up or the newcomer who’s ripping style!

Get a closer look a the DROORS ATHLETICS collection is soon available online and in-store in Barcelona



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