Nike SB Dunk Low Ben & Jerry's "Chunky Dunky"

The food industry is no stranger to the sneaker world. During these past years, we saw a handful of collaborations between the two. Some were incredibly original while other were probably was just trying to ride the wave trying to stay relevant to a new generation of customers. Either Way, some noticeable one was like Coca-Cola, Amazon Ice Tea, Twix & event some culinary expert like David Chang of Momofuku. These notable mentions can make it to the wall of honor of the sneaker game.

As some will agree that these big chains are just culture vulture and are only ripping from our culture. We do think that kicks, Skateboarding & Food have some strong similarities and are definitely an addictive lifestyle with an exceptionally strong and passionate communities.

The upcoming release feature one of the Ice cream biggest name! None other that Ben & Jerry’s, famously known for their characteristic chunks, amazing flavours, funny and original names, and their social missions.

Coming out the Nike SB Sneaker machine is a flavourful SB Dunk Low inspired by the chunky monkey flavour. Where the name “ Chunky Dunky ” come from.

The shoe feature a realistic cow-patterned layer overlay with a sky blue and green fields backdrop. Closely looking to the B&J’s packaging pattern. Complementing this is a drippy Yellow swoosh. The insole feature a all over multicolour print with colors like green, blue, pink, purple, red, and orange onto the inside lining. The White sole and the green bottom wrap the whole thing perfectly and the back heel had a NIKE embroidered in yellow with a black background. This concept shoe design is very well done all over to represent the brand! The chunky dunky are definitely fire!

Peek a first look at the shoe from the photo we found. We will update details shot once we receive the shoe.

For all the details concerning the drop and how to cop. Please visit the “Release” page or click right here