Nike SB Dunk Low PRM x Why So Sad?

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Why So Sad? is an ongoing exploration into the nature of mental health initiated by John Rattray. After losing his sister to suicide and dealing with depression himself, Rattray developed the project starting in 2017.

Why So Sad? is not a charity but rather, a storytelling platform that approaches a serious subject through a lighthearted play on skateboarding’s language. The “Sad Plant” & “Sad Grab” are two tricks adopted as motifs to symbolize the conversation. “I think of it like a shared code,” Rattray has said. The mission of the project is to invite conversation. It simply asks that—as well as skating or riding— we also take some time to stop talk, listen, read & learn about this subject.

"I can’t count all the times I’ve heard, “skateboarding saved my life”, or “skateboarding’s my escape” Rattray says. “My point is, that’s great! Now, let’s explore that all-important follow-up question, “What has it saved you from?”, “What are you escaping from?"


Why Is It So Sad? skateboarder John Rattray launched a mission to improve people's mental health. Following the release of the first images earlier this summer, we now have an official release date for the movement's collaborative Nike SB Dunk Low.

"I hope that one day we'll be able to discuss depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts in the same way we discuss a swellbow." "I hope that when things get tough, each of us will have the skills to help ourselves and each other through the storm," Rattray said in an interview.

The new pairs feature a light blue leather base with darker blue wear-away panels that reveal a yellow base coating. The mesh tongues have red Nike SB tags stitched on the outside, while the interior sides have "Why So Sad?" labels. The Predatory Bird, the mission's mascot, can be found cruising on a bike on the lateral heel counter embroidery and doing a handstand while skateboarding on the mismatched insoles. In addition, question mark motifs are incorporated across the suede heel tabs and lace tips. White midsoles and semi-translucent icy rubber outsoles complete the look.

Why So Sad Dunk Low
Why So Sad Dunk LowWhy So Sad Dunk LowWhy So Sad Dunk LowWhy So Sad Dunk Low