Nike SB x Piet Parra Federation Kits

Connecting the Creativity of Sport and Design.


Skateboarding taps in directly in your creativity. Each riders has their own style, come up with their own line of tricks and each of them makes it look unique. For the arrivals of Skateboarding in the Olympic, Nike teamed up with the artist Piet Parra to create the design the of the federation kits for the United States, Japan, France & Brazil.

Each design is print is grounded in the attention to scenery found in Japanese art, highlighting recognizable cityscapes (you can’t not see Rio on the Brasil kit). The other, simpler reason for the landscape design gets at the heart of Nike SB’s collaborations and of skate culture in general: creativity for the sake of spotting something good and doing it.

The collection will be available on the 24th around the same time that the competition will start. Check it out right it : Nike SB

Each kits design was created with a distinctive Pantone landscapes that are took  from the geographies of the respective countries. The Brazil design, for example, clearly references the seaside city of Rio de Janeiro, as you can see in the coinciding imagery.

Alongs that each federation got a tracksuit, coverall, socks, t-shirt and hats.

Of corse Nike added up their touch of tech gear here a closer look jersey specifications :