SUPER SAP : New Eco-Friendly Resin Glue!

Unfortunately the Skateboarding industry leave a huge carbon footprint on the planet. The manufacturing of skateboards itself uses unsustainable materials.The negative environmental impact is palpable.

Thanks to the nice peoples of Dwindle. They came up with a NEW SUPER STRONG ECO-FRIENDLY RESIN GLUE! Finally! The super sap decks are made with a eco-friendly resin glue that will help reducing its environmental impact.

Super Sap : Replaces petroleum based materials without compromising resin glue perfomance.

Super Sap : Strongest eco-friendly resin, formulated with recycled biobased and renewable raw materials 

Super Sap : Reduces energy use, emissions and environmental impact during manufacturing.

Super Sap : Packaged in a 100% compostable bag.

You can also check out the sustainability REGROWTH effort that Dwindle are making :