What's Your Story With The Half Cab? Featuring Amine Amar l'groun

Half Cab through the eyes of the next generation of skaters.

“Growing up I always wanted to skate these shoes because i saw them in all the 90’s videos. When I arrived in Europe it was the first shoes i skated. I'm so stoked to be able to still ride in Half Cab today. These shoes are just perfect! “

Amine Ahmar l’groun


Riding through the city

Sunny Sunday in Barcelona! What to do? Skate claroooo!

We took a stroll through the city last Sunday while Amine was riding out the Half Cab 92’



Brief History

The Caballero, launched by Vans and Steve Caballero in 1989, created a whole new age of pro signature skateboarding shoes. As skating evolved more into the street, Skateboarders shaw an opportunity to rethink the silhouette by cutting down the high-top padding for a better fit to adapt to their style of riding. It was so popular over the years and the Half Cab was developed in 1992. Three decades later, Vans is thrilled to honor the Half Cab's history and continuing it's legacy with the next generation of skaters.