An Act Of Imagination by Scott Bourne and Todd Bratrud


Scott Hobbs Bourne and Todd Bratrud come together to produce their first book for kids, featuring a new collection of Scott's poetry inspired by his own two children accompanied by Todd's illustrations. Dr Seuss, Shel Silverstein, and Crockett Johnson are cited by Scott as influences and are ever present throughout the book and they even make a cameo stood around an oil drum fire!

Whilst entirely silly from start to finish, An Act Of Imagination is also intended to address many of the dilemas we face in contemporary society and give parents an opportunity to open up conversations with their children and hopefully set them off on the right path. Amongst the many tales you will meet a tiger that finds he's ran so fast his stripes have stuck to a giraffe, Bukowski the bookworm who falls fowl of the iPad and Kindle and finds himself homeless, a vampire (against his initial better judgement) helps his son follow his dream of becoming a clown, Death who gets a bike, Dizzy the unicorn trades bone for brass and more.

It's a hugely inspiring book to read with your kids that will encourage conversations about how we treat each other, our home, the planet, and that urges us all to "PAINT a picture WRITE a poem SING a song". It might even act as a useful aid guide to help you get a moments peace on the toilet if you're lucky too...

Hardbound, 170 pages, 23.5 X 19cm.


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