Iggy Electrifed T-Shirt


T-Shirt Iggy Electrified

At 1 milliamp, you might feel a tingling sensation. As you approach 10 milliamps you’ll probably feel what most people would consider a shock. Once you go past 10 milliamps, the electrical shock is so strong that your muscles will seize up, likely rendering you unable to release your grip on whatever it is you just stuck into the outlet. Once you hit 20 milliamps, you’ll find it hard to breathe, and at 75 milliamps you might risk stopping your breathing altogether. At 100 milliamps, the current will mess with your heartbeat — potentially causing ventricular fibrillation and your untimely death due to cardiac arrest. You should know that your standard household outlet carries some 15 to 20 amps of current — more than enough to make any of the above happen.


Four Color Silkscreen on 100% Cotton 5oz T-Shirt