Nike SB Dunk Low VX1000 Edition

Nike pay homage to ones of the most famous camcorder that came in the game! So many classic parts, films and visuals were made possible because of this baby! The true OG of the film game! Before all the smartphone, 4K, GoPro, 360 cam etc... there was the Sony VX1000! If you never heard it before then we recommended you do your research on this bad boy! Even though the technology is outdated the visual aesthetic of these cameras made a huge comeback during the last couple of years! Ever wonder how they get that 90's look? Well it probably was made with a VX.  The odds that one of your latest favorite video was film with it are very high!! 

All the details of the shoes are reference to the handheld device. The colours block remind of the tones used on the Sony VX1000 camera. Details like the eyelets button colours, the insole feature a timer 01:00, a green back heel, Rec Level, White Balance, Shutter Speed, Control embedded on the Swoosh & Player are all reference that are seen on recording devices. These will be released on February 20th via Raffle!