Krooked Skateboard was created by Mark Gonz Gonzales in 2002 under Deluxe Distribution. Gonzales who is also has the role of the creative director for the brand is responsible for the majority of graphic designs, art, promotion and advertisement for the company. Gonzales who is known for is authentic skateboard style is a true OG and a pioneer of style for the skateboard world. A true mogul in the culture. Krooked is mosty knowed for their pure graphic style, guest pro-model releasing limited edition runs of pro decks for various mytical riders such as Chico Bene, Pat Duffy, John Cardiel, Natas Kaupas, Paul Rodriguez Jr., Wade Speyer, Sean Sheffey, Guy Mariano, and Jason Jessee, as well as guest artist decks, including graphics by Robert Williams, Mike Giant, and others. Come Check out the full selection of the latest Krooked skateboard deck, wheels and more online and in-store.

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