Peels NYC x Vans Special Collaboration

Vans is known for making great collaboration over the years. Especially within the skateboard world, which is where the originated during the ’70s and got their major breakthrough. During the same time, another kind of trend emerges in the underground scene. The workwear! During a time where no official “Skateboard Clothing Brand” where created, skater were always looking to make the most out of out bucks! Durable and oversize workwear brand was very appealing! Fast forwards to the world of today! Where you have a multitude of brand who specialize in this field. One newcomer emerge couples years ago with a special concept that caught the attention of many skateboard moguls and legends. Peel NYC who specializes in customizable workwear for skaters and has been adopted by some of the highest levels of skateboard royalty, Gonz, Phelper, Ellington, Andy Roy, Omar Salaza just do a few names dropping haha!

 Peels x Vans slip on shoes back view

Back to the collab, the New York City brand is teaming up with Vans for a exclusive shoe and apparel collection. Being the first time that both brands work together, it seems like they were able to create a design that reflects both company individual style while combining power to create great products.

Peels nyc Slip on shoes collaboration with Vans 

The collab main feature is that it combines both brand style to merge all of these elements into a workwear and skateboarding aesthetics. The collection features a t-shirt, a long-sleeves tee, a crewneck & a classic pair of Vans Slip-on. The shoes feature a black front and solid back panel,  on both side we can see a white a blue stripe canvas that comes from the original Peels classic stripe shirt. White sole with the red “off the wall” logo featuring on the back of the sole. Both heel panel feature an embroidery, on one side it’s the embroidered Peels script writing and the other shoe has a the Peels Rose.

Peels x Vans


Being a fan of Vans for a very long time, Jerome Peel got inspired by one of the old sketches that he did on homework from school to draw the Van “Vans x Peels”. It’s that same Van that will be featured on the T-shirt, Long-sleeves & Crewneck.



Peep out the preview that Peels post on their IG, you can see the preview of the gear and an original promo action :


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It’s coming... 🎞 @taildevil

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